Our Farm


Investing responsibly for at least a generation

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We developed our own algorithms, our own recipe for studying companies, and we’ve developed a great team of Pigs all over the world who help us hunt for the best companies and stocks.

In today’s world of trading, and with so many new people jumping into the market, now more than ever you need a Pig who can help guide you through the endless variables and increasing obstacles.

Fundamental data, technical data, government involvement, societal changes, trends, fads, news, social influence, events, black swans, (rare and unforeseen events), technology, and the list grows each day.

You need to hire a Pig!


Pigs get rich. Hogs get slaughtered. Be a Pig!

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Our Story

It's Always a PIG Market

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We are a group of outlier analysts, investors, brokers, innovators, and independent thinkers.

That kind of combination can only come from one place, Jersey!

But what’s with the Pig farm (firm), are their farms in New Jersey? Of course. They don’t call it the Garden State for nothing.

Ok. Full disclosure we also hail from Florida, but there are plenty of farms there as well.

So like all stories, ours starts with education, experience and of course “doing things the way the industry did things”. But, over time, we branched out on our own and began to see the world of finance, economics, and business in a new way.

Why be a Bull or a Bear, when you can be a Pig and be successful in either market?

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